Home cleaning

Inox Cleaner Spray

Function: Cleaning and flawless brightness. Removes stains. Product specially designed for cleaning and preserving gloss throughout the class of polished...

WC Spray

Function: Anticalcary. Easy to rinse.

Furniture Cleaner Spray

Function: Cleans and removes dust. Removes scratches and fingerprints.

Mold Remover Spray

Function: With bleach. Remove moistur spots indoors and outdoors.

Degreaser with fragrance Spray

Function: Powerful fat remover. Effective in the most difficult dirt

Floor Cleaner Universal

Function: Long lasting perfume. Effective cleaning. Fast drying.

Floor Cleaner

Functions: Long lasting perfume. Effective cleaning. Fast drying.


Function: Antistatic and glossy. Particularly suitable for cleaning the entire bathroom (toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, bidets and taps, floor and tiles)...

Fabric Cleaner

Function: Fresh and clean. Stain remover. Instructions: Before using the product, apply it on a non visible place in order to check that the leather is...

Leather Protector

Function: It is used regularly to clean, nourish and protect the skin and leather (furniture, interior of car, leather goods, clothes and accessories)....

Home Air Freshener

Myrra & Rosas Information: Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50ºC. Do not pierce or burn even after use. Do not...


REMOVE BACTERIA, FUNGI AND VIRUS ON RIGID SURFACES ESTOFES AND AR. Information: A unique and specific product that cleans, removes grease, gives gloss,...

Air Conditioning Cleaner

How to use: Detergent disinfectant with bactericidal and fungicidal power. Apply the diluted product in water to a concentration of 3%. On vertical surfaces...

Glass Cleaner (Anti Fogging)

Effective Cleaning Anti fogging Specialists in glass surfaces (windows, mirrors, crystals and glazed surfaces). How to use: Spray on the surface to...

Glass cleaner

Mootaa Glasses - Perfect cleansing for extra perfect shine. From the first time ever. Its powerful molecules instantly remove watermarks and stains from...